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Blue Lake ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Clear Tape & Dispenser

Blue Lake ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Clear Tape & Dispenser

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price


  • A True Magic: This plant-based tape, complete with a plastic-free dispenser, works like magic to repair rips and tears seamlessly, perfect for gift wrapping on holidays and birthdays. It's also photo-safe and writable. 
  • Toxic-Free: This tape comes without any toxic glue or ink. The dispenser and packaging are free of plastic film or coating, ensuring a clean and green choice. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from plant-based materials, this tape minimizes waste, and the refillable dispenser is made of molded fiber, which is recyclable alongside paper products. 
  • User-Friendly Design: The award-winning dispenser design makes refilling and reusing a breeze, providing a convenient and sustainable solution. 
  • Ample Supply: You'll receive four rolls of transparent tape made from cellulose fiber. Each roll offers up to 630 uses with a 3/4-inch cut each time. 
  • Package Contents: This package includes one tape dispenser, four transparent tape rolls, four bookmarks, and a reusable container box for organized storage.

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