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4 Zero-waste gift ideas for this holiday season

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Many of us are looking for ways to give our friends and loved ones meaningful gifts this holiday season. Gift cards seem impersonal, scented gift sets will be regifted next year, and what do you buy for the person who has everything?

Families are becoming more mindful about leaving a healthier planet for their children and future generations. A zero-waste mindset helps adults and children have a more sustainable plan of action to work together to improve their family unit and surrounding communities.

The number of people who wish to positively impact the environment has been driving the growth of the zero-waste movement, and for good reason. The concept of zero waste has been introduced to the public and widely spread in the last decade.

If we want to save our planet, something must be done to reduce the trash that keeps building up in our landfills. The more we generate less waste, buy plastic-free products, and purchase items that can be used in various ways, the greater our impact on our environment.

What is zero waste?

Zero waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages redesigning resource life cycles, so all products are reused. The goal of this movement is to avoid sending trash to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Currently, only 9% of global plastic is recycled. In a zero-waste system, the material will be reused until the optimum level of consumption is reached.

As consumers, we have so much power to change the world just by being careful in what we buy. – Emma Watson

Here are our favorite 4 zero-waste gift ideas

As the holiday season approaches, are you looking for a novel gift idea to demonstrate your love for your friends, family, and the environment? This year's zero-waste gifts can make your holiday more guilt-free. After usage, zero-waste products degrade or can be composted, producing no waste. We have selected several products to share your love for our planet with your family and friends.

Organization is the trend these days, especially within a minimalist lifestyle. So if you have someone in your circle who has said they want to start the new year with better organization of their goals and tasks, then the perfect item for them is a zero-waste planner set!

It's perfect for professionals and students who want to work at their most efficient and effective. This planner can help them with task management, goal-tracking, nutrition management, and travel planning.

No hazardous chemicals are added during processing, and every item in the set is manufactured with carefully sourced material, such as FSC-certified paper and organic cotton. All paper items can be recycled, and some can be used repeatedly.

The best part is that the whole set is zero-waste and plastic-free! So gift this set to who you think it would benefit the most!

  • Best for: Students, professionals, and those who want to better organize their life by keeping track of chores and goals.

  • Environmental Impact: plastic reduced by 15.8 ounces

What our customers say: This product holds everything I need to organize on my desk. It doesn't take up too much room as I work in a very small space. - Jessica

Bonus highlight: In comparison to other planners on the market, this one comes with everything you need for planning on the go: The largest "eco" bang for your buck includes:

  • plastic-free planner with task tracking and planning templates

  • organic cotton pencil pouch

  • pencils manufactured from recycled newspaper

  • nonlaminated eco-friendly stickers for customization

  • and much more

This 100% paper folder can help reduce 9.6 ounces of plastic waste, making it ideal for individuals just beginning their zero-waste journey! The papers used to create this softcover folder are 100% natural fiber, and FSC certified. You don't have to worry about what to do with it once its life cycle is over because it is How2Recycle-certified to be 100% recyclable with paper.

  • Best for those who want to start their zero-waste journey

  • Environmental Impact: plastic reduced by 7 ounces

What our customers say: I manage my parents' financials, legal papers, and healthcare needs. This expandable folder is the perfect, eco-friendly storage system to keep everything organized and at my fingertips! – Susan

Bonus highlight: It's portable and can store up to 200 sheets of letter-sized paper, making it ideal for everyday usage in the classroom or office. And with several color options, you can choose the perfect one for your gift recipient's taste!

Are you looking for a mid-year present to give to the students in your family? Everything they need for the rest of the academic year is included in this bundle. Each item in the set is constructed entirely of natural fiber and contains no plastic. The binder includes a 3-ring detachable cord, making it easy for students to switch out the cover for another subject. With its organizing and storing features, the set is made to assist students in staying focused and organized.

  • Best for students who love to personalize their school supplies and want to stay organized and focused.

  • Environmental Impact: plastic reduced by 39.8 ounces

What our customers say: This kit had everything we needed for the school year. We will be reordering. Trust me, it's the only way to order! – Cherry

Bonus highlight: This 22-piece set is a worthwhile present item at a very affordable. The included stickers allow students to personalize their school supplies to suit their likes—the ideal choice for kids who enjoy making a statement with their school materials.

Do you know a person who has too many documents? Are they constantly sorting through and rearranging them? Do you want to help them stop using a conventional file organizer constructed of a sizable plastic trunk?

This 100% paper, zero-waste, plastic-free file folder is your greatest option for a practical and stylish gift!

It's perfect for managing office files, school files, and important household paperwork. The file organizer is made with FSC-certified paper and recyclable with How2Recycle certified paper. Users can write on the partitions made with premium paper to assist with sorting. No chlorine or hazardous glue is used during processing.

  • Best for those who manage household documents, teachers, students, and office workers.

  • Environmental Impact: plastic reduced by 16.4 ounces

What our customers say: Affordable products! Good value for the cost! – Sophia

Bonus highlight: The six pockets can hold up to 450 sheets of A4/Letter paper. It's made from premium material with a solid structure.

We've got you covered if you've just started your holiday shopping and are trying to find the perfect gift for your family and friends! With both practical function and attractive design, our zero-waste, plastic-free organizers and kits will give your loved ones environmentally-friendly gifts that will last them well past the season!

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