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Lead A Circular Lifestyle by Practicing the 6R Principles.

What is circular economy and circular lifestyle?

Whilst there is no universally agreed definition of a circular economy, the 2019 United Nations Environment Assembly, the UN’s flagship environment conference, described it as a model in which products and materials are “designed in such a way that they can be reused, remanufactured, recycled or recovered and thus maintained in the economy for as long as possible”.

Well, we are no scholars or economists, so here are some simple questions we can ask ourselves to examine our sustainability performance and stay mindful to lead a circular lifestyle.


Do you really need to purchase a new one?

Can you find a more eco-friendly alternative?


Say no to things that will end up in landfill.

Do you really need it or you think you will need it because it is on sale now?


Can you reduce the frequency of your new purchases?

Can you reduce the consumption of electricity or water?


Can you repair or repurpose something you don't need before throwing it away?

Can you find a new home for something you don't need but others may?


Is the product made of recyclable materials such as paper, glass, aluminum?

Will you put the product in the recycle bin after use?


Can you compost the food waste in your backyard?

Will collect yard trims and food waste for curbside pickup?

Our approach

At Blue Lake ECOLIFE, we want a total solution that is plastic-free and safe, and the answer is natural fiber.

We source 100% natural fiber and manage the processing and production in a way that its environmental impact can be reduced to a minimal level and neutralized locally. Most importantly, we ensure that the fiber-based material degrades rapidly when it fulfills its purpose, no matter if it's recycled or littered.

Every day, we are motivated to improve our products to be a better alternative to plastic goods. Every day, we strive to make the planet a bit greener.

So, take a look at our product offerings and step up your circular lifestyle!



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