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Plastic-Free Tape Dispenser Arrive In Time For Holiday Gift Wrapping

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Blue Lake Packaging is excited to offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to the standard wrapping tape. Now available, Blue Lake ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser is made from a fusion of wood and cotton fiber and caters to the growing number of shoppers seeking eco-friendly products.

According to Deloitte’s “2023 Holiday Retail Survey” 43% of consumers are now classified as “sustainable gift shoppers,” up four (4) percent from last year. While eco-friendly wrapping paper has gained traction, Blue Lake founder Ying Liu found that even the environmentally conscious tend to rely on tape that contributes to the plastic waste crisis.

“My kids and I used to apply the single-use tape and dispenser to crafts, boxes, gift wraps all the time. I got a strong sense of guilt every time I threw away the empty rolls and dispensers,” said Liu, a former Apple executive that worked in Product Operation and Supplier Responsibility. “This project was one of my top passion projects when I started the company.”

ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser on the other hand, is a completely sustainable solution with just as much sticking power and dispensing force. Each set includes one reusable dispenser and four rolls of tape wrapped around paper cores, all encased in non-bleached, plastic-free packaging designed to be easily recycled with other paper products. This not only addresses the issue of waste but the challenge of clarity in recyclable packaging—a concern for two-thirds of consumers as per McKinsey’s 2023 “Sustainability in Packaging” survey.

“We want the whole user experience to feel environmentally friendly from every angle,” said Liu, adding that ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape isn’t merely a product, it’s an invitation for consumers to reduce their plastic waste one gift at a time. “We went through numerous iterations of design changes, just to prioritize recyclability in every piece of the product while making the whole user experience right.”

The ECOLIFE Plastic-Free Tape and Dispenser are the latest of numerous sustainable products created by Blue Lake Packaging.

“We don’t just develop, design and manufacture sustainable packaging, we’re utilizing our fiber technology for consumer products,” said Liu, who is on a mission to eliminate plastic

waste by creating plastic-free alternatives to everyday household goods. “We are in the process of remaking everything in a more environmentally responsible way.”

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